Sergio Villasante born in 1994 is a fashion designer based in Galicia, Spain. He completed his BA in Fashion Design in Santiago de Compostela in 2017 and worked as a fur designer for Olga Rios. In 2018 went on to work as a stylist in the London based brand AllSaints. In late 2018 he started the MA Creative Direction and Fashion Design in ESDEMGA and after experimenting with pattern making and print design finished in late 2020 with Zebras in London? Why not? a menswear collection based in the victorian era and how the colonialism affected and affects the world to this day.

Nowadays the base of his brand is in the use of mostly recicled, left over stock or vintage textiles. Using this fabrics as the prime source to make garments printed by hand and treated as unique pieces of work created by local seamstresses and artisans, always keeping in mind the fun and creative aspect that fashion is supposed to have.

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